One of our member organizations, The Young Survival Coalition, (YSC) has just selected 10 young women who will be trained to be the next generation of breast cancer advocates. YSC has been the voice for young women affected by breast cancer since its inception in 1998, and now they are educating and empowering women to represent their constituents in the nationwide conversation about breast cancer – at scientific conferences, legislative hearings and on research grants, among others.   In order to insure young women are represented at decision making tables, YSC has created this new program called ‘RISE’ – Respected Influencers through Science and Education. This unique program is for volunteer advocates that YSC plans to train in all aspects of breast cancer, including science, research, advocacy and policy…. so they can sit at those ‘tables’ and ensure the knowledgeable voice of young women is always being heard. Each RISE advocate selected for the program will serve a three-year commitment. Every year, a new class of 10 new participants will be selected to participate in the program, will be trained in partnership with other organizations and will serve to represent their constituents. YSC plans to graduate 40 leaders at the end of six years, resulting in a new generation of educated, smart, young women to join the scientific conversations that are happening between researches, doctors and the government. Once trained, the RISE advocates will be qualified to speak knowledgeably and credibly on behalf of YSC and other young survivors.   To find out more about the RISE program click here.