Contributed by SHARE

A breast cancer diagnosis of “triple negative” can leave you—as it did me—feeling helpless and clueless.  The received wisdom is that Triple Negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a particularly threatening cancer type for which there is seldom a good outcome.  But as usual, received wisdom is not the whole truth.

Recently Dr. Antoinette R. Tan of The Cancer Institute of New Jersey gave a SHARE audience of mostly TNBC survivors an in-depth explanation of the science and treatment of this type of breast cancer.  Dr. Tan is clinician, researcher and assistant professor of Medical Oncology, and understands the fears of patients as well as the science of the disease.

The following basic facts about TNBC, based on Dr. Tan’s presentation, are selected to help you or a loved-one banish the helpless-clueless feeling and deal effectively with your doctors.

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