What is the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?


The federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as ObamaCare, is a law set to reform health benefits for Americans. It is designed to improve access to affordable health coverage for everyone and provide rights and protections. It mandates that health insurance companies be held accountable .

The benefits of the Affordable Care Act makes it easier to get insurance that is affordable, ensuring health care when you need it, and includes preventive services to stay healthy.

ACA Benefits and Protections Include:

  • Free Preventive Care
  • Health Insurance Marketplaces by State
  • Coverage for Young Adults Under 26
  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • No Cancellations or Lifetime Limits on Care
  • Rebates from Insurance Companies
  • Lower Cost Coverage for Most People
  • Prescription Drug Savings for Seniors

What is the New York State Health Insurance Exchange?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes health insurance options available through each state. The NYS Health Insurance Exchange is an organized marketplace in New York State, designed to help people shop for and enroll in health insurance coverage.

Individuals, families and small businesses are able to use the NYS Health Insurance Exchange to help them compare insurance options, calculate costs and select coverage online, in-person, over the phone or by mail. Trained Navigators are available to answer questions about health benefits, help people to shop for qualified plans, and complete enrollment.

What is the New York State of Health?

In August of 2013, the New York Health Insurance Exchange renamed the marketplace ‘New York State of Health.’ There is no difference between the two.

How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer?

Here are some examples of how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes health care in ways that particularly help people with cancer:

  • Does not allow insurance companies to charge patients a fee for cancer screening tests, such as mammograms and colonoscopies
  • Makes coverage available for patients who take part in clinical trials
  • Removes life-time dollar limits and yearly dollar limits on health benefits
  • Does not allow insurance companies to deny coverage for anyone having a pre-existing condition (such as cancer)
  • Does not allow insurance plans to cancel coverage just because a patient gets sick