Resource Guide to the New York State Health Insurance Exchange

The NYS Health Insurance Exchange, also known as the NY State of Health, was established in New York State under the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare.

This Resource Guide was created to consolidate the important information about how to get help using the Exchange from the vast amount of Exchange information now available through the Department of Health.

The Department of Health has given extensive training to hundreds of “Navigators” and “Certified Applicant Counselors (CAC)” located in communities all across New York State and their purpose is to help individuals and businesses use the NYS Health Insurance Exchange to find the most beneficial health insurance.

The NYS Breast Cancer Support & Education Network (NYSBCSEN) is NOT a trained Navigator or Certified Applicant Counselors (CAC) and therefore is NOT qualified to assist individuals or businesses in purchasing health insurance. You will find information in this Resource Guide about how to find a local Navigator or CAC to assist you.

For more detailed and comprehensive information, please visit the NYS Health Insurance Exchange Website.